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Critical Thinking

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Essay Preview: Critical Thinking

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Knowing how to implement all your abilities in life for your benefit is more of a challenge and does bring an enormous task to light. It is more difficult to identify your true unique abilities, gifts and talents. Life and the path of each individual are embossed depending on their way of living. I have many talents from the designing of a house from concept to completion, to being patient, and loyal, I definitely have a "Perfectionist Itch". I am absolutely a total optimist, my glass is always full which can be very much an advantage in many life situations especially if it does not go the way you have originally planned or expected. It can help with short-term and long-term goals, critical thinking as well as with self assessment. They are all great tools and practical for personal as well as professional living. I as well enjoy to garden and grow my own food; I am very experimental in cooking new dishes. One can also say I am very eco-conscious and health- conscious both also very important to me. Even though I might only play the role of a dot in the painting, to recycle and trying to be healthy for me and my family is with under on my top of the priority list. I can figure things out... mechanically and mentally. This talent especially has brought me far in life. It taught me to be independent. A knowledge of technical understanding of vehicle parts, (not necessary how to repair things, unfortunately), but I can guess what might be wrong with it. If I do not know any further, I help myself by research mainly and have learned the hard way that at the end it is your life and your decision, how to get to your goal is up to you and only you. I am very self confident about what I do and say, and since I am also optimistic I know I can accomplish everything with hard work and lots of faith and believe. I am a handy-(wo)man and have no problems with lifting furniture, building complicated pieces together or getting dirty, I love to work hands-on and always try to learn new things. Unfortunately the common sense of technology I did not acquire by genetics, but am very willing of expanding my knowledge. I thing the most I am interested in and very passionate are about is being healthy and balanced for me and my child. So that in my eyes is a wide range, it starts with having the right CHI physically and in my surrounding living space. I always look at what nutrition's are listed on my groceries. I think economical by reducing energy, lowering consumption of fuels such as waste gases by driving less alternatively using the bike or commune , I read a lot for myself and to my child, and it is very important that my child learns about the environment by listening to stories I read to him or have him watch with me documentations. We are a lot outdoors and enjoy ourselves with hiking, walking, and trip taking to museums. Now all together would this passion of mine fit to what I pursue right now, well I have not decided on my major yet.



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