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Critically Evaluate a Recent Multi Channel Advertising Campaign of Your Choice

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Essay Preview: Critically Evaluate a Recent Multi Channel Advertising Campaign of Your Choice

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Critically evaluate a recent multi-channel advertising campaign of your choice

The advertising campaign I will be evaluating is the 2010 Pantene campaign in respect of a popular ladies hair product. This evaluation will focus on the television advertisement given that it was the main medium of the campaign, but adverts have also been featured on radio and in women's lifestyle magazines.

This essay will cover:

 A summary of the advertisement shown on UK TV in 2010;

 An explanation of the advertising campaign using communications theory and an analysis of its communication process;

 An evaluation of the importance of the environment of the advertising campaign by introducing the 2010 Pantene adverts of Pakistan, Croatia and Portugal;

 Pantene's campaign in other forms of marketing communication;

 Consideration of the choice of media used, their marketing techniques and how effective I believe these to be;

 The social issues and ethics with regards to the campaign

 Lastly, I will conclude how successful Pantene have been in their marketing communications.

A 40 second TV advert, incorporating the screenshots shown below, is the campaign's main channel of communication. The advert begins with the statement "There's a science to the perfect swisssh" with a lively instrumental and a brightly coloured background. A Caucasian model with long, straight, glossy and blonde hair suggestive of 'the perfect hair' appears in portrait, appearing to be topless (PanteneUKAquaLight 2010).

Figure 1 (PanteneUKAquaLight 2010 as cited on YouTube)

After the initial scene of the model, the product is introduced at 12 seconds into the advert. It continues with the theme of lively music and a blue coloured background.

Figure 2 (PanteneUKAquaLight 2010 as cited on YouTube)

It proceeds to give the audience more 'technical' information about the product: "lightweight water soluble conditioner nourishes then rinses clean in seconds" with a more in depth picture for the audience to visualise how the product works and how it differs from its competitors.

Figure 3 (PanteneUKAquaLight 2010 as cited on YouTube)

From 15 seconds to 30 seconds, the narrator explains that Pantene leaves "virtually no residue" and has "virtually no weight" whilst the model from the initial scene displays her "perfectly conditioned hair".



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