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Advertising Campaign Comparisons

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Essay Preview: Advertising Campaign Comparisons

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Advertising Campaigns

There are many ways in which to advertise the need for flu vaccinations by using a variety of several types of media to the message out to the public. The advertising campaigns that are being promoted by the Center for Disease Control recommend that everyone needs a flu vaccine must have universal appeal to get everyone on the bandwagon to get a flu shot by associating how easily the flu can be spread. It is important to utilize the different methods of advertising to educate the public about the dangers of the flu, and how it can be controlled through vaccination or ways to reduce the spread of it by keeping things germ free.  

Many advertising campaigns use universal appeal to get the entire message to everyone. Media ads such as the “No Flu In My House” have universal appeal that can be used to target parents of young children about the importance of the flu vaccine.  The ad also speaks to the risks and dangers to healthy children getting the flu. The Centers for Disease Control uses these types of ad campaigns to appeal to parents about the risks of the flu and need to keep their children healthy during flu season. Young children and seniors are the most at risk when it comes to catching the flu and they need to be vaccinated.

While the “Shots aren’t just for kids” ad campaign has universal appeal towards adults, it also uses the concept of bandwagoning to inform them that these vaccinations are for adults too and everyone should be vaccinated.  Both the companies that make the vaccines and the Centers for Disease Control advertise try convincing everyone both young and old that they need to be on the bandwagon with everyone else in order to not get sick.  These types of ads for the flu vaccine attempt to get the attention of adults to make them understand that everyone needs to be vaccinated not just children. The use of bandwagoning is just one of many methods that can be used to advertise the flu vaccines and the risk of spreading the flu to others.

The “Spread popcorn. Not Flu” advertisement, the Centers for Disease Control attempts to use association to educate parents on how easily the flu can spread, just like sharing popcorn.  This add also talks about how even if you are healthy, you need to be vaccinated so that you don’t get the flu or help spread it to others.  By telling the public where to go to get the flu vaccine, the ad helps direct people to their doctor’s office or clinic to be vaccinated.  This can also be a way to get people into the doctor’s office for an annual check-up too and keep them healthy.

The Centers for Disease Control uses many forms of advertising to communicate the need for people to be vaccinated for the flu that have broad appeal to many people. It is important to understand that not everyone responds the same way to specific of advertisements, so several types of ad campaigns are needed to educate everyone about the need to get vaccinated.  The need to try and reduce the spread of the flu is important is critical to keeping the illness under control, and one of the many ways that can be done is through vaccination.



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