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Cross-Cultural Business Negotiations

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Essay Preview: Cross-Cultural Business Negotiations

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There is much issue that you must considered before entering a business negotiations with a company from all different can of culture. The price and the terms of the contract in addition to the social and the etiquette customs of that country is in question, With the the variable of language that play into the completion successful of the negotiations. The exits of individual differences in the cultures, it is very wise to do research on the negotiating of the styles of that country you are going to do business with.

The negotiation styles differences that is between the countries is question subtle, as for the customs is direct to the point. The views to the Chinese business relations are long term. They will entertain and smile when they agree to the progress with no emotion when they disagree on a negotiation. The Japanese they use a subtle communicate way. You have to ask very lots of question to make sure that you aware of the true intention in the communication. The important aspect for the Japanese shouldn't be interrupted the nonverbal communication. With the South Koreans they don't understands what is said so it is best to ask is there any information in additional that is needed. They usually start with the extreme position that is willing to negotiate with both parties to ensure to save the face to leave room to compromises. And that each country has their own views for entering what a contract means.

The creation of the global fiber-optic network is continuing to raise the internet that rapid the development of the long distance technologies communication which made it very virtually painless for the people to work together all over the world. The innovations has created the global platform which allowed more people to play and plug, compete and collaborate, share the work and share the knowledge, than anything that we have ever seen in history. The new technology in communication gives a great advantage of providing many options that don't exist



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