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Cross Cultural Marketing

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Essay Preview: Cross Cultural Marketing

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Faculty : Hufrish Majra

Tel no : 4235 5555 Ext no : 5856


As global economic growth occurs, understanding marketing in all cultures is increasingly important. The course will address global issues and describe concepts relevant to all international marketers, regardless of the extent of their international involvement. For some firms foreign marketing is limited to one country, others market in number of countries, treating each as a separate market; and still others, the global enterprises, look for market segments with common needs and wants across political and economic boundaries.

The global market is quickly changing from a seller's market to a buyer's market. This is a period of profound social, economic and political change. To remain competitive globally, companies must be aware of all aspects of the emerging global economic order.


* The course provides an approach and framework for identifying and analyzing the important cultural and environmental uniqueness of any nation or global region.

* To acclimatize the student to marketing in a foreign milieu keeping crucial cultural issues in mind

Evaluation Criteria

Synopsis of Country analysis- Individual assignment - 10 points

Class participation - 10 points

Group assignment -Devising a Marketing Plan for an International Launch - 30 points

Term End Exam- 50 points

Recommended Text Book

 International Marketing, 13th edition, by Philip R. Cateora , John L. Graham and Prashant Salwan (McGraw Hill), 2008

Other pertinent articles may be handed out during the trimester or links to additional readings will be provided.

Session wise Plan

Sessions Session Title Date

Day 1 The Scope and Challenge of International Marketing

Student allotment of country specific assignment 13 Dec 2011

The Dynamic Environment of International Trade

Day 2 History and Geography: The Foundations of Culture

14 Dec 2011

Cultural Dynamics in Assessing Global Markets

Tata Tea in Russia

Day 3 Culture, Management Style and Business Systems

Guest Session




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