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Cultural Shock Inside Love Relationships: China& France

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Essay Preview: Cultural Shock Inside Love Relationships: China& France

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Cultural Shock inside love relationships : China & France

When a French student goes to China or when a Chinese student comes to France, they face some difficulties to integrate themselves due to a cultural choc and a different manner to practise relationships.

San arrived in France two weeks ago. His first impressions were very strange because he saw that people were very different from his country. His first class day was very different from his life in China because normally they’re supposed to show a lot of respect. Especially for San, lots of girls are taller than him, he felt like he can not find a French girlfriend anymore. One time, he got a chance to talk to a french girl, he asked her what kind of food she prefered, like Chinese food or Japanese food ? The answer was Japanese food. He felt sad because lots of Chinese men are good at cooking. Will he have a chance to date with a French girl and cook for her ?

Lisa is a French student. She always felt attracted to the Chinese culture, especially to the Chinese food. Next year, she wants to go to China, on the Skema campus of Suzhou.

She never went over there before. But she wonders about many things : will it be easy to feel comfortable ? Good advices would be well welcomed.

How to integrate yourself in a foreign country ? You have to open your mind. One solution for the foreign students is to find friends, and why not a girl, or a boyfriend.

Our recommendation : find a Lover ! What can we advise to a Chinese or French person if she/he

wants to find love in a foreign country ? How to date a French girl when you are a Chinese ?

  •                 -  You have to be romantic, but not too much. French romanticism remains a stereotype.  
  •                 -  You have to give her two little kisses on her cheeks.  
  •                 -  You have to be gentle. If you have the opportunity to  invite the girl, you have to do it. If you want to catch the girl, never share the bill at the first date.  

  •                  You can bring her to a nice restaurant or cook by yourself. Avoid fast foods... seriously. Ask her what she likes before choosing the restaurant.  
  •                 -  Work on your table manners : having different types of forks or spoon can be a little disturbing at first  
  •                 -  Ask about her life, show your interest in her life and passions. Listen to her. Try to find common traits with her.  
  •                 -  Make her laugh.  Make a woman laugh and you are halfway there  like we say in France.  
  •                 -  You always have to drive her home. She has to feel secured.  
  •                 -  You have to be dressed properly and put on a nice perfume.  
  •                 -  You do not have to insist too much. Be patient. French women like to take their time.  

How to date a Chinese boy when you are French ?

  •                 -  Do not touch his head/face during the first date. As he will never touch your hips before you guys become a couple. Chinese boys prefer cute and shy women.  
  •                 -  Do not make a kiss on his cheeks to say hello.  
  •                 -  Dress and be feminine, almost sexy. But according to  some regions in China, Chinese boys prefer a girl well  covered.  
  •                 -  Do not be surprised : Chinese boys like to offer many  things to the girls.  
  •                 -  Do not show too much initiative : they want to be the  ones making the first step.  
  •                 A date is more significative in China than in France. Boys feel really pressured : parents want their child to be married around 25 years old. Do not hesitate to show that you can be a great woman to marry.  
  •                 -  You have to make him feel safe.  
  •                 -  Do not be too stressed about table manners, Chinese  boys do not really care about it.  
  •                 -  Act like a spoiled child, make the man feel the need to  protect you, but do not be too annoying (stamps your feet, speaks with a pretty voice.., complaining about what you can’t do)  
  •                 -  Smoking girl will a give bad impression to chinese boys (it’s a great reason to quit)  Actually there is a big culture gap between French and Chinese. From attitude to manner , and the way you talk. Everything should be respected. Creating better circumstances for better relationships is the first thing we have to consider when we are in another country. You may get shocked when you try to find a love relationship abroad. Learning different cultures should be a good way to increase your possibilities of dating a foreign person.  

Lisa Vial / Zihao Wu/ Paul Houeix/ Jinshan Shen/ Emma Tofanelli/ Julie Thebphavong/ Amaury Felgeroll



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