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Dangers of Poorly Implemented System

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Essay Preview: Dangers of Poorly Implemented System

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2- Dangers of Poorly implemented System:

If the system is poorly implemented and managed it may raise problems for the organization as a whole. As I said earlier that state is responsible for the public services and if they fail to provide them better services it is due to the poor management of the system.

Dangers to Employees: It may create serious threat to employees who are the assets of any organization. It may reduce the morale of employees which then reduce their efficiency of work. On the other hand if the key employees leave the organization it may cause serious problems for organization performance. If the employees start to feel that they haven't been paid proper salaries it may then reduce their motivation towards work and hence dissatisfaction towards job. In case scenario it is mentioned that some of the employees are complaining about the salaries issues and leave the state which is a great loss. On the other hand some of the employees are satisfied because of their security of job.

Dangers to Managers: Mangers play an important role in the success of any organization as they are responsible for the things which are going on within an organization. If there is no proper system is placed, managers performance cannot be assessed properly which reduce their motivation and determination towards work and if managers start to leave it will be another loss to the organization because the old managers are familiar with the environment.

Organization as a Whole: Every organization has limited budget and specially the state they are allocated by the government so they need a tight check and balance on the cost. If the system is poor implemented it will increase the cost results and poor services to be given to the general public. It may create the risk for the state managers, department managers for their job or poor rating when the performance of different states has been judged.



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