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Riordan Manufacturing System Implementation

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Riordan Manufacturing System Implementation


The human resource department has gathered information through the analysis phase and the design phase. Here we will focus on the implementation phase. The implementation phase has six key activities which are critical when executing this phase. The six activities are coding, testing, installation, documentation, training and support. These factors can get quite complex and confusing if the plan is not implemented correctly. Riordan Manufacturing has chosen to follow through with this system to improve its functions and to keep certain employee information confidential.

The existing system handles much of the responsibilities needed. There are only a few changes needed to improve the system. Therefore, when it comes to coding an in-house programming team can handle the changes to be implemented. The already installed system can be reused and have the programming team manipulate and rewrite some code to coincide with what is needed. By doing so will reduce the cost for the overall project. With having an in-house programmer to rewrite some of the code will also reduce time for the implementation.

Once the code has been written, part of the programming team will execute tests to see if the system works properly. If it does not, then the team shall concentrate on rewriting until the function of the system work properly. The testing phase may have a few employees testing as well to get an end user experience inserted in the testing phase. Many tests are to be exhausted to minimize problems after the go live date. A company does not want to experience problems after they have just installed a new system which should remove problems and not create them.

The application specialist will take over once the installation phase starts to take place. The specialists are a very important stage for the implementation process to move forward. If the system is properly installed and all programs were verified to be compatible, then the installation should go as planned. If there are problems in this phase, the implementation might have to refer back to the coding phase to make it compatible.

Once the first three steps are properly finished, it is up to the IT department to have screen shots of certain areas of the system. These screen shots can be used by employees using the system but do not have to read a great deal of literature on the system. Phone numbers and emails should be handy for employees to reference for help. The system should also have short tutorials on how to achieve certain jobs using the new system. This will cover all documentation needed for an employee not familiar with the system to be able to use it in a short period of time.

The training will be needed



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