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Dating Violence - Looking Back over My Education Through My Travels

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Essay Preview: Dating Violence - Looking Back over My Education Through My Travels

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Looking Back over My Education Through My Travels

Since I was born in a small village located in Fez province, Morocco, I had known the education beginning with the family as a first foundation of education, school as second one, then environment in which I vivid. I grew up there until I got eleven years old then I moved with my family to Fez city because the life's circumstance was hard in this village; school is far away within fifteen miles, no transportation existed, no hospital, and no market existed in this village. It was really bad condition, which is not inspires people to get a good education and improve the knowledge. Therefore, I had moved to Fez in order to complete my studies, and look forward to better conditions to live; furthermore, my relocation changes everything in my life: ambitions, my perception to the future, my objectives, and my life's programs. So what does education means in my personal view, and how far the education affects my personal experience?

Education is the set of processes that the community can be transferred knowledge gained and its objectives to maintain itself, means also renewal continuation of this heritage and the individuals who carry it. It is the process of improvement of knowledge and progress of the cultures. For this meaning that the word education contains, it has an important role in individual's life and society, also a great value in my personal life.

Actually I had known two travels that affect my education level; the first travel was when I moved from a small village to a big city. Therefore, I was glad to live in a city as Fez, which comprises the following circumstances of life: school, health, transportation, good quality of education, and good environment that offered activities and opportunities to get the Principles of culture and open on the other cultures. When I moved to Fez I did continue my studies in the premier school, I was really happy to study with new students and new environment, it was a nice moment in which I got friends that I will never ever forget, it was a moments of curiosity, competition, and pleasure. For instance, when I was in the high school I met my friends Khalid and Aziz, we were forming a good group that the others had given example whit it, I enjoyed to study and got a friendship of these guys, we were the best students in class; we worked hard, time to time we was established a meeting to prepare the home works, then after that we jump to discuss about teenage subjects, joking and having a fun. Also, we were planning to our future life and how do we could achieve our dreams. I and my friend Aziz were dream to be teachers in philosophy. On the other hand, Khalid had decided to be an agriculture technician. Thus, I took philosophy and sociology classes in the University, Here I want to mention to the role of education and its effects on my personality, so the environment in with I grew up



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