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Death Case

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Essay Preview: Death Case

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The car was fine that's what confused the investigators. It was bought only two weeks ago and was tuned three times already. It just skidded, rolled, and crashed. The driver was dead, his blood stained the window, and his jaw had been dislocated, his neck broken and his arm ripped off. They found it 267 metres away located near the old lady's house. The front of the car was a ragged twisted hunk of metal while the back was the weird bit. Witnesses said that they saw the back tyres suddenly burst and the back of the car suddenly took a sudden jerk sideway and started to roll. One of the CSI investigators saw a burnt patch of grass blackened to crisp 172 metres away.

The knife slid slowly across the sedated billionaire's throat. It cut softly against his fleshy, bloated skin. Silently, swiftly and slowly the assassin cut deeper until he thought it was enough. He stood up, then as good measure checked the rich guy's pulse. Then he wiped away the blood with a small white napkin and left it folded next to the body. Job well done, he thought of the $2,000,000 he would get the next day. Still smiling, he darted out the window and disappeared into the night.

My name is Rick Drew; however the world knows me as the Napkin Man. I am a professional assassin. I am hired by rich people and I get payed to do the job quickly and efficiently.



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