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Death of a Salesman - a Play by Arthur Miller

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Essay Preview: Death of a Salesman - a Play by Arthur Miller

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There are three reasons why I choose play "Death of A Salesman" as my Literary Criticism analysis. First, the play gives me enjoyment, pleasure, and calmness. This play contains deep meaning and teaches me about social life that happened to a modest family who suffered depression to earn their life. Second, the play gives me challenges. Although it is little bit hard to understand, this play makes me curious to find out the messages included which is really touchable and meaningful. And third, I like the words choice which the author uses. He uses of imperative words make me amazed, and eager to analyze the play. According to me, it is an appropriate play to analyze.

In general, Cultural Materialism refers to a theory approaches to the factors at cultural change. Raymond Williams used the word Materialism to his study of the cultural components that affect changes in culture, in which there are the processes of history, social needs, economic, political and governmental pressure, plays an important role on the use and power.

Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, written in the years after World War II (WWII), is generally considered to be among America's most famous theatrical works. Miller describes this play with setting in 1949 when most Americans, were optimistic about American Dream, fight for their financial success with hard work. It reflects the economic change in that country from agriculture field to urban industry, and then from manufacturing to service and sales. Willy Loman, the protagonist in the play, is a salesman who is unable to sell anything in order to maintain the lifestyle his family leads.

The historical events that related to the play are the Great Depression in which United States (US) suffered dramatic financial disaster in the social and economic fields in 1929. Willy, the main character, has nostalgic memories at that moment when people were pessimistic to earn their life. And after the Great Depression, America committed in World War II between 1939-1945 so during the postwar boom of 1948, most Americans were attracted to renewed version of American Dream. It means that they expect getting rich in some commercial ventures, then moving to a house with a yard where they could raise children and work in their new automobile.



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