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Decision Made to Get My Mba

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Essay Preview: Decision Made to Get My Mba

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Decision Made to Get My MBA.

Christina Bier

Herzing University

The decision I had to make was not easy when it came to pursuing my MBA. I have a lot going on in my life, and there are many things I had to consider before I decided to stay and get my MBA. This meant I would be continuing straight from bachelor’s to MBA without any breaks. I know I had to make a choice.

The first thing that weighed heavy on me was could I continue straight forward to my MBA after getting my bachelor’s Degree. I had to think about this to see if this is what I want and can do. I thought long and hard about this, I because knew if I were to stop I would probably wouldn’t go back and I would be so disappointed with myself if that were to happen.

The second decision was could I handle working, kids, and school. I had to make sure I would still have time for my children. Many people scared me and told me that getting your MBA was time-consuming. I already work a full-time job and didn’t want it to take away from my kids. My kids are my world, and I do not want to make them feel like school was more important than them.

The third decision I was thinking about was the commitment to the school. I had to decide if I can commit to my school work and try my very best. As life throws you curves along the way, I had to be sure I could commit to my work. As I am still struggling with this one I know, I will get it together and pull through it. I am very committed to the school, and my work and I will not tolerate letting myself down.

My job was a significant factor in my decision. I know the position I am currently at is not where I want to be. I want to have a successful career, and I know the way to do that is through education. I do not like the type of work I am currently in nor will I call it a career. It is my job and until I finish school that is where I will work. When I am done with school I know, I will be in the legal field.

I contemplated my decisions repeatedly with myself. I went back and forth about my choice for some time. I decided to better myself and my career by getting my MBA. This was a big decision for me, and I knew I had to make it.

Another factor I weighed on was a support system. I had to make sure that I had the support system to be able to get through school. I know having a support system is very important. I noticed while obtaining my bachelor’s degree. The support system was everything to me. If I was having a difficult day or ready to scream at school work, I learned it was important to have someone to rant to or even yell.

I had finally made my decision to pursue my MBA. I will not give up nor will I tolerate for myself to slack. As I overcome any obstacle that comes my way I will not let it affect my school work. I went through all these decisions because I know I want a brighter future for myself and



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