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Decision-Making Is at the Heart of Negotiation

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Essay Preview: Decision-Making Is at the Heart of Negotiation

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Decision-making is at the heart of negotiation

Managing people is difficult and keeping them honest is just as challenging. We had an incident were an employee was helping himself with supplying a customer with material at a discounted price. We managed to catch what he was doing but it took 4 years. In our reading of contemporary discussions in negotiations, it up to a person to make the best decision whether it is right or wrong. Ethics has an intrinsic approach in that everyone should always try to do the right thing at all times for the goodness and not for any reward. In contrast to a cooperative negotiator the aggressor will push the person as far as he will go and thinks the person will stop if it gets out of hand. Contemporary teaching could be a reflection of their own morals. This means that the person will compromise their principles to obtain a profit for their actions.

Issues Negotiation Investing in Stakeholders

As new demands and approaches by companies come to play. It is imperative that we stay ahead of our competition in every aspect of the business. As the economy continues to struggle our focus has been to challenge and motivate our employees to develop new ways of communicating with customers. Our standard practices have had to change due to the competitiveness. Our stakeholders are making changes on how we operate our daily business. Our company is looking for new processes to monitor assets and making sure they are being utilized to their potential. These changes are companywide and are being monitored by upper management to see who is on board with the program. Shareholders are influenced by their reputation and what the bottom line is. The culture of how we do business has changed for the better, our focus is how to stay ahead of our competition and be proactive rather than reactive.



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