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Depletion of Natural Resources

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Essay Preview: Depletion of Natural Resources

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Dear Editor:

The diminishing and destruction of country's natural resources is a great trgedy due to lack of interest by government and people's self concerned and negligence. the laws by court are of no use for preventing this trice happening. this is evident from the khipro forest case which was created in 1920s over 11,000 acres in Sindh's Sanghar district, this forest has a great ecological importance.

this forest is a source of livelihood for many people. the locals filed two petitions in the sindh's high court for prevention of the such forest from such activities like leasing out forest's land and demolishing of trees.

in result the court took action and issued stay order in Oct 13th to stop leasing out forest's land and to avoid cutting of trees but it didn't make the things right.

Approximately 3000 acres of the forest's portion has been leased out and about 1500 acres area consisting of trees has been burned.

It is a very sad thing and it is not only happening in one forest. forest consisting in the northern areas are also treated by individuals like this cruelty.

we are almost unaware of this happening and this thing results in ecological imbalances and disturbance to livelihood in many ways. the areas having forest are also have low danger from floods, pollution etc. Global warming is also a cause of this depletion of forests. our natural resources are very important to us so we should protect them and it should be our foremost duty to stop such things because this is our home and we have to protect our home from such tragedies.



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