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Depression Case

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The wretched feeling of sorrow seeks down my spine the moment those calamitous thoughts slips through my mind. Feeling anger, rage and frustration, I begin to realized the feelings only accumulate because of the excessive amount of sadness wedged within me. Once time contemporary halts in my mind I waste those precious moments to think about the chaotic life I'm tapped among. Tears begin to stream from my burnished colored eyes and down my milk chocolate cheeks. First long wet streaks then steams of water from tears are gushed from my disconsolate countenance. The only words I'm able to murmur are, I'm sorry", whether I know or not the sudden chaos is performed by the individual inside of me. Shaking my flustered head I long to perceive a way out of my ignominious state of mind. These feelings appear when no one listens or initiates to understand the pressure I endure on the day to day basis. Many individuals feel that the schedule I live by is flexible, but what they fail to realize is I'm always on the run receiving little to no sleep. With the numerous amount of accomplishments I've received my mother showing her face to at least one would place a smile not only upon my disconsolate countenance but in my heart as well. At times I wonder why I work immensely hard to impress my mother, when she has never attended any of the many ceremonies I've been awarded. Throughout the troubles I endure the verse, " Let go and let God", most remain with me because I learn the life can either make or break me.



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