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Detective Story

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Detective story.

It is happing in winter 2016, in the middle of Nyhavn in Copenhagen. But it started back in Los Angeles where Colombo living with his wife Shera Danese Falk and their two dogs. Colombo is a man around seventy years old, and he is retiring as a police man and detective. His name is actual Peter Michael Falk but people call him Colombo because his way to do things and talk to people. He has black and grey hair, there look like it should been cut for a month or two. He was not so well-groomed and if you ask him will he just say it was because he is not worried about when his look. And he drinks a lot of bier and love good food, specific a steak and lot of sauce.

He has a nephew in Denmark Simon Falk, he are also police man and when Colombo was in Denmark he talk a lot of crime and his nephew  tell him all about the Danish police and they discuss every case and sometimes they planner new cases together.

Colombo has always had his own favourite sentence to say: “Just one thing to say” and people know him from that.

Colombo´ nephew called him a Saturday night and sound totally overwrought and Colombo trying to keep him down and ask what is happen Simon.  Simon has get his own murder case and he could not identify who the killer was and why it was happen. So he calls his uncle Colombo to get help to unravel the case.

Simon gives Colombo quick points of the story in telephone while Colombo finds his plane to Denmark. Here is the information about what we know for a time, it happens in Nyhavn in Denmark Saturday morning. And we know there are two dead for now, a girl and a boy maybe they are a couple because they behind each other in the harbour. But we don’t know why they are dead and who did it.

Colombo arrives to Denmark, Saturday night and Simon standing ready in airport. They start with a cup of coffee to Simon and a bier to Colombo and so they going in to progress to located the murder case. They drive together to Nyhavn to see where they have been found and to see the area around them.

Colombo look very long time down the water in Nyhavn and actual he looks like he was going to sleep and Simon standing behind him and drink his coffee and read his notes about what people has saying about what they had seeing and hear. Suddenly Colombo gets



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