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Dillard's Business World

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Essay Preview: Dillard's Business World

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As the business world becomes more competitive each day, major retailers have vegan to step up the game by making sure their employees have the best training there is to offer. In order for the employees get the full benefit of this training, they must be open to any new suggestions that may be given to them by upper management. After all the employees in the company are on board, Dillard's will be one of the few companies that have taken over the retail market.

Functional Requirements

With the implementation of the Dillard's D-Tube learning system the company would like to accomplish several goals. 1.1) The first thing the company would like for this new system to do is encourage learning in real time. The fashion world changes on a daily basis so in order for Dillard's to provide its customers with the latest fashions on the runway, the employees must be able to inform the customers on what is in for the season and what will be the up and coming trends.1.2) With the implementation of the D-Tube learning system, Dillard's will be able to inform their employees on new merchandise coming to the Dillard's company through 1.3) the use of video's and pictures posted on specific links for specific vendors.

Through the employee login page, the employee will be able to go in and select which specific vender they would like to learn about. For example, if the employee wanted to learn how to fit a shoe for customer's feet, he/she would go into the D-Link tab under their login page and click on the corresponding link for what they wanted to be informed about. After watching the video, the employees will have a chance to rate the video and take a survey on the video to make sure they have retained the knowledge they received.

Performance Requirements

The D-Link system will be viewed using Windows Media Player which will allow the employees to stream the video from the central office in Arkansas. Being that Dillard's uses an Intranet based communication system, they do not have to worry about outside influences such as pop-ups, viruses, and security breaches. This greatly increases the performance of the D-link's ability to perform if one associate logs on at one store or if all the employees in the Dillard's company were to log on at the same time. Even though the D-Link system is designed to handle many videos at one time, they only make a few available a week so that the employees will have time to watch all the videos before they expire.

Reliability and Availability requirements

Being that all of the training videos are saved to the Dillard's, there is no set time the D-Tube system should be working because of the fact that employees can go in anytime, click on the corresponding link to the video, and watch it as many times as needed, but for technical reasons,



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