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Direct Marketing Approach

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The first steps to developing an integrated interactive marketing strategy that is 100% online is to understand what, how, and why information is being said on the top blogs, forums, websites, news releases, and social media sites that deal with your type of industry at hand, in this case it is charity:water. Once you understand the edict, various audiences, construction, and language on these different types of sites it is time for you to become an active participant. The point of this is to become a trusted member/leader of this niche market by providing the other members with information that is interesting, useful and will want to be shared with others. In addition to understanding what is being said on these sites you must also understand your various buyer personas. You can do so through research on those other top sites, as well as, through other primary research. Moreover you will want to be searching databases for information that could be useful in defining these personas. Once you find all the target personas it's time to begin profiling them so you can begin tailoring your messages to these people's interests. Using the language and media of these personas becomes important when developing relevant content and messages for the buyers because it's how you will attract them to your call to action.

The main purpose of these previous processes mentioned is to find the best way to get a track able call to action in which you can then gain more information on the individuals and reach out to them with more personalized messages. In order for you to do this successfully you must start your own website, blog, forum, social media accounts in which you provide useful and interesting content that people will want to re-blog or retell to others and spark conversation. In other words you must be active whether it's adding news stories, podcast, youtube videos, keywords/phrases, rss feeds, and tags that can be traced on or Along with these tools you must add links to a landing page where people will then trade their personal information in exchange for more information on charity:water and how them becoming involved will benefit them and the cause itself. Not to mention you must still be monitoring all these other sites to see and understand what people are saying about charity:water and their efforts in order to quickly adapt and respond to positive or negative feedback.

Some of the content you post or allow others to post to your various accounts may include content such as laws and treaties about water, news on the people in the countries charity:water is helping, information on who is behind the cause, the progress the cause is making and encouraging people to post content on what they are doing in their own community for charity:water. You want to encourage people to donate valuable content as much as you want to provide the valuable



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