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Distance Learning

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Essay Preview: Distance Learning

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As a person who has attended a traditional school the thought of distance- learning seemed foreign. I was used to having text books and seeing other students as well as instructors face-to-face. I then thought could I get the same quality education from distance -learning as I could from a traditional school. After doing some research and talking to some people I know who are going to a traditional college, a lot of their school work is done online and their instructors require them to take their tests online. Also being a stay-at-home I knew that it would not be financially feasible to attend a traditional school. Because I would have to put my children in daycare in order to attend classes. With distance- learning I can do my school work throughout the day when I can find the time. While the oldest is in school and the youngest is napping. The flexibility of distance- learning allows me to balance school work and family time. With all that being said I then realized that distance- learning is a better fit for me.

For some students distance- learning may be easier or harder for them to communicate with other classmates and instructors. The reason being is that some people thrive on the face-to-face contact to communicate, while others communicate better through their writing.

Giving feedback to other students in a distance- learning classroom versus a traditional classroom could be difficult for some. It is definitely harder to read body language in a distance- learning environment than in a traditional classroom. Students may have a more difficult time reading the reactions of other class members or even their instructors. This lack of face-to-face interaction in some cases could cause problems when another student has an opinion on a fellow classmate's writings. Their comments could be misperceived as a verbal attack.



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