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Diversity Case

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This situation could easily be solved be creating a pipeline to discover and nurture talent.

As a young (34) African-American woman moving into my first VP role I am not for any sort of quotas and unfortunately 360 appraisals are lack luster at most as you are only evaluated based on the assignments that are given - some have more "weight" than others, in addition there tend be other subjective viewpoints the emerge.

What we need is an even playing field for all us to compete. Here is what I suggest (or something of the like):

1. Develop a "pipeline" program that employees opt-in to. If you want to be an executive at this company join this program and here are the expectations. The opportunity is given to all not just a selective few. Those entering the program should have the same basic qualifications.

2. Contact that persons manager, they are to be given a mixture of high visible/pressure assignments, medium level type assignments, and "you can do these with you eyes closed" type projects. This allows the employee to prove themselves and to showcase their abilities.

3. Employees are given "bonus points" for asking for and taking on tougher, risker projects. Employees must remember that one must go above and beyond the basic/what is required to "just get by."

4.Plan and require that the employees in this program give presentations to and attend meetings with senior executives, and participate in social activities so that senior leadership get to know and build relationships with employees.

5. Have a set of standards that everyone must meet in order to be considered for top positions.

6. Partner the employee with a member of upper management (two levels or so above) to do evaluations of their progress in the program and overall. Not the employee's direct reporting manager.

7. Encourage a sponsor program - match based on background and interest only. Not on race and gender.

8. When looking for talent inside the company to promote the company pulls from the employees from this pipeline program - that have proven themselves, showcased their talents, and continue to demonstrate that they can add value at the executive level.

If Charles has this type of program he could then possibly advocate for financial incentives to increase the number of diversity promotions - the catch, its across the board - if after the promotions the company has not reached a set percentage then every sr. executive gets penalized the same.

Great topic!



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