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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

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Essay Preview: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson starts of in the city of London in the 1800s with a prominent lawyer Mr. Utterson taking interest of a case of a Mr Edward Hyde a mysterious repugnant man. which later he find out the same man relates to a Dr. Jekyll a close friends of his. Mr. Utterson later goes to Dr. Jekyll house looking for a answers why would he involve him self with such a man but Jekyll just answers him with a no comment. the story skips over a year. When a maid witnesses the death of a politician and points Mr. Hyde as a culprit they try to hunt them down but they failed. meanwhile with Dr. Jekyll he reconnects with his friends one of them a Dr. lanyon which is friends with Mr. Utterson as well. Monthes later Dr. Jekyll and Dr. lanyon argue together and fall ill. Dr lanyon dies and leaves documents to Mr. Utterson to open once Dr. Jekyll dies or disappears. the days pass with Dr. Jekyll avoiding Mr. Utterson till one day Jekyll's butler arrivies at Utterson house saying that hes worried of his masters health so he goes to check it out. They decide to break into Dr. jekylls room to find Mr hyde dead on the floor and several documents that goes with lanyon's. With that Mr. Uttersons finds out everything that Dr. Jekyll was able to turn into Mr. Hyde and live a life of crime and evil even thought he regrets it when he goes back to normal and how as time went on it became and harder and harder for him to control.

themes of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde are Thames of split personality its shown how Dr. Jekyll shows his evil Dr side using Mr Hyde. Another theme that's shown through out is one of friendship that the three friends have that it was still strong and alive after years of them not seeing each other shown by Mr. Utterson attempt to save him.

obstacles that comprehended my reading comprehension would be the sentence structure how it was written in old English. Considering the book was wrote based in the 1800s can be quite confusing.



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