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The Book Frankenstein by Robert Walton

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Essay Preview: The Book Frankenstein by Robert Walton

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In the book Frankenstein, Robert Walton, the captain of a ship that is trying to get to the North Pole, recounts how on his way, he hit ice and then met Victor Frankenstein. Victor is a young scientist who tells Robert the story of how he gave life to an inhuman creature. Victor tells how he spent months on this creature, using old body parts to construct it, but once he finished and took one look at it, he was frightened. Victor remembers that on the first night, he could not sleep, the thought of that monster being in his house kept him awake in bed, scared. Victor harvards guilty feelings for creating a life with lack of care and thought before he did so, and his amateur and crude ways foreshadow the chaos and destruction later found in the plot. In an attempt to get away from the monster, and ultimately his conscience, Victor runs away to a tavern, where he runs into a man named Henry Clerval. Henry notices that Victor is shaken and gives him shelter and hospitality in his own home where his thoughts and troubles of his creature were forgotten. Although the livelihood of his happiness was short-lived, Victor Frankenstein is awaiting a letter, and with this there are many things that could've gone wrong as far as the experimentations are commenced.

Upon receiving a letter from his father, Victor learns of that someone murdered his brother by strangulation. Although Victor knows the murderer was the monster he created, he could not admit to it because it would fall back on him. Instead, the family housekeeper is accused. In order to get away from all this stress and trouble, Victor goes to Mount Montanvert where he comes across the monster. The monster is making a plea with him, "make me a mate of my own". At first, Victor refused, but after the monster promises Victor they will move to South America. Victor then goes to England with Henry so they can construct a female monster companion. He immediately makes a commitment to marry Elizabeth. Once Victor leaves Henry in Scotland, he goes to an isolated island so he can be alone in making his second monster. He makes her reluctant, but one night, when he takes a look at her and she is shooting a scary grin at him, he destroys her.

The original monster is furious. He swears that he will get revenge on not only Victor, but his family. Another thing the Monster promises is that he will be with him on his wedding night. With all the monsters body parts lying around, Victor sets sail onto a lake to get rid of them. After doing so, wind picks up and Victor cannot return to the island. The next morning, he is not sure where he is at. What he does know is that he is getting arrested and he is being tried for murder that happened the night before. Denying knowing about the murder, or committing it, he is shown the body. He is shocked when it is his friend, Henry. There are marks of the monsters around his neck. Victor becomes sick with a fever, probably from guilt of all



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