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Dragon Ball Z

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Goku is a dragon ball z character, i dont like him very much because he is always being to nice and friendly. My favorite character from dragon ball z is vegeta. He potrays what most of the world is like. Selfish in that he is only out for his personal gain but is willing to sacrifice a little bit of pride by befriending someone who he once did not like. And then we have Krillin. Krillin is a character who sybolizes the weak. Hes is very weak but he has a heart. And having a big heart can only get you so far. There was this one episode during the freeza saga where krillin actually tried to fight freeza. He knew that he was not capable of coming close to defeating him but he still did it because his friends did it. I call that pure pressure, and pure pressure is a you know what. Well the episode goes on and guess what? He gets killed, very easily actually, its kinda crazy how fast he was destroyed. He had no chance but he still did it. Gohan, gohan likes some green guy more than his own father. Oh and dont let me get started on that green guy, all he does is walk around like hes constipated. Hes never defeated anyone from the show that i can recall. He just sneaks around grunting errewwwgghh. Hes so weak. Lets see, yamcha and tien are pretty cool but there power levels are pretty pathetic once the better enemies come.



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