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Drama Case - Solo or Team?

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Essay Preview: Drama Case - Solo or Team?

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Solo or team?

I want to talk about comparing two different sports, Like weightlifting and basketball. First I have to mention that any kind of sport or activity is needed for a person's healthy lifestyle. Today in the scientific world, it has been proven that the best way to combat cancer is doing physical activity. And other health issues like high blood pressure and diabetes can be prevented with playing sports.

Solo sports like weightlifting make you angry and are boring because there is only you and the weights and nothing else. Most of the time when you are doing weightlifting you do not have any competition to make you want to push the limits. And it causes many painful joint problems like the pain you feel in your knees or your back.

On the other hand team sports like Basketball make you think more about what you are doing and strategy and you get to communicate more with people and make new friends. There is also more competition because you are playing against others which motivate you to do better. The great amount of running is really good for your heart and lungs. Team sports are also better for stress relief .Also you do less damage to your joints because you have less pressure on them.

Today sports like weightlifting demand using many kinds of supplements which are based on man-made drugs like steroids, protein powder and Cratin. When you are in those kinds of environments you are under a lot of pressure to Use these supplements which are very harmful for health, specifically for kidney, stomach and liver.

So In my opinion team sports are better than solo sports in many ways, but in general having any active lifestyle is better than not having one.

Thank you.



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