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Drinking Age

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Imagine being 18, living in the college environment, defined as the term Partying, surrounded by similar people, similar age. You are literally starting your life, finally being 18, a legal adult, and enjoying every moment of it. Imagine going to a friend's birthday party, everyone is drinking, some of age and some underage. You decide you'll have a few beers and enjoy your night, I mean after a long week of school you deserve some fun. Boom! Boom! The cops run in, see the alcohol, along with many underage drinkers who now receives a citation. It's considered underage consumption and is a misdemeanor in MN, which is punishable by up to 90 days in jail or a maximum fine of one thousand dollars. As for those of age, they also received a misdemeanor for providing alcohol to minors.

Now, being legal adults, who can vote, get married, and join the military (risking their lives), should be able to consume alcohol without punishment or risking their record. Majority of people ages 18 to 21 are college students. They will, and have consumed alcohol regardless of the law. If the law is changed, this age group will be safer, given that they can now drink alcohol in public places with supervision, and they will not have records that could stop them from obtaining a future job. If 18 year olds can join the military or even own a home, I believe they should have the right to legally consume alcohol.



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