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Should the Drinking Legal Age Be Changed to 21?

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Essay Preview: Should the Drinking Legal Age Be Changed to 21?

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Some countries have a legal age for drinking alcoholic beverages at 18 years old and we cannot deny the fact that at that age, it is an age group for students. Knowing that mostly are students at that age, isn't it right to change the legal age for drinking to 21 years old?

Many of us might not yet realize how dangerous alcohol really is in the long run. And most students who drink at 18 years old, not all of them are mature enough to know on how to drink moderately in order to prevent the bad effects of it to our body in the long run. And sometimes due to peer pressure, drinking could be mislead as just a way of socialization but what these young adult do not realize is that, drinking could become a habit once you treat it as just the only means for socialization. Another misleading belief of alcohol is that how it can help one's pain emotionally. It is never written in our books that drinking could help ease one's pain, it only gives effects of blurry decision makings since it brings effects to our mind wherein we cannot think clearly due to too much alcohol once it has exceeded to one's tolerance level.

Drinking can be fun sometimes, but what we must not forget it that it has always its bad effects later on, and we must be able to learn how to handle it properly. And sometimes age do matter because one's maturity level increases as time passes by. So let it be 21, the number that will set records straight in order for us to be able to handle different circumstances properly especially when it comes to alcohol.



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