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Driving Age Should Raised to Twenty-One

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Essay Preview: Driving Age Should Raised to Twenty-One

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Driving is a fun activity as well as a necessity in this modern society. However, many times this fun activity and entertainment could end up very dangerously. Every year, over thirty thousand Americans lose their lives in fatal car accidents caused by teenagers but, have we ever asked ourselves why it is this way? Where does the problem lay? The answers to these questions are very simple. The driving age has to be raised to twenty-one. Parents must realize that their kids are not grown up enough and should not be given freedom to take control of the car keys at the age of sixteen. This is a very controversial topic which has to be discussed in the government. The U.S.A. is the only country which allows the driving age at the age of sixteen according to the Act of 1960, section 97

take responsibility of their children; they buy them a car and give them so much freedom, without thinking of the possible consequences. These parents need to wake up to what is going on. Actually it seems these parents are hurrying to get rid of the responsibilities they have to their children, and give them freedom; this is bad for their kids.

According to the survey accomplished in 2005, twelve teens from sixteen to nineteen years old died every day from motor vehicle accident. Around 6,000 teenage drivers are killed in auto accidents each year. They are four times more likely to be killed in car accidents than any other age group.

The child's brain is not developed enough to take the responsibility of driving. They do not always follow the driving rules. Many of them want to show off, and they are driving very fast or they are racing other cars. However, in this case they do not put



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