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Should the Driving Age Be Raised to 18?

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Essay Preview: Should the Driving Age Be Raised to 18?

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Should the driving age be raised to 18?

Should there be a law for the driving age to be raised to 18? Should the law deprive young people from getting behind the wheel? Unfortunately, young people, have the mind-set of invincibility, making them they could do just about anything. Trying to "multitask", impress, and inexperience are the main reasons for car accidents. Youths are more prone to check their electronics devices and impressing their friends more than anything, and unfortunately this occurs while driving. Youths also tend to be more impatient and raising the help to teach to be patient, especially on the road. During the extra two year added, practice of driving should be perfected so by the time that young people start driving they will have better experience then they would have before.

Since the boom of electronics: cellphones (more especial smart phones) and ipods and tablets, there's never been more dedication towards any object. These electronics have very much consumed the mind of many young people; some people even believe that they can't go one single day without their device. While eating, walking, driving, and yes even showering, young people have admitted that that they have used their electronic device. Walking and driving are one of the most dangerous times to be looking in another direction other than in front of you. The sense of sight can only be focus on one area at a time, and unfortunately young people think they could drive and attend to these devices. This task is impossible to achieve.

Not only cellphones, ipods, tablets, etc. are responsible for car crashes - other youths, themselves, contribute to the death toll in young drivers. As a young person myself, I do not like it when people say that I cannot do certain things that I know I could do. Same is the mind set of many other youth out there. It could be a good way of thinking, making one want to achieve, but at the same time this way of thinking could be dangerous. To many times, kids are killed while driving because they feel "pressured" to take a daring risk, even while driving. Peer pressure is very real and too many adolescent put their live at risk because they want to show off or fit in. Regrettably, showing off ones "skills" may include drag racing, beating the red light, and dangerous sharp turns. Many of these people that involve themselves in such risks drive for their pleasure and not for others on the road. They don't consider the fact that the road is shared and those they are not the only ones on the road - consequently the death toll continues to rise.

While waiting for this award of a driver's license, young would and more time to train on the road with an older, experience driver. Practice does in fact make perfect. During this period, the exposer to the dangers of driving could be learned. This waiting will also make young people



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