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Dutch Thieves, Spanish Nights

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Essay Preview: Dutch Thieves, Spanish Nights

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Dutch thieves ,Spanish night

"GET THEM!"The double doors of the Treasury room smashed open; time to go .I raced towards an open window focusing on the castle wall outside, picked up speed and threw myself out of it.

I could feel the ground a very far way down, for a nasty moment the wall looked too far away. By some miracle, I didn't miss. My fingers snatched the edge of the wall, and I winced as my stomach and shoulders smashed into the brickwork. I could taste blood and dust in my mouth; I'd probably loosened a couple of teeth too.

I managed to pull myself up balancing on the wall; taking out a grappling hook I secured one end to the opposite side of the wall and looped the rope through a harness. This part was easy I simply let myself down smoothly.

When I reached the ground I realized something, where was Will? Had he fallen during the jump? Or gotten caught by the guards? I panicked, when hay from a large cart exploded into the air. A figure with messy black hair and slightly worn clothes stumbled out of the cart.

"Will! Are you okay?"

He spat out hay 'I forgot my rope, you and your bloody thieving schemes are gonna get me killed some day.'

I was about to reply that when an armored guard shouted something in Spanish, pointing at us."Come on" Will yanked my arm and we raced off into the night, feet thumping against the cobbled street.

I should explain who I am; I'm the infamous Dutch thief with a record of stealing from nobles. A few months ago me and Will were approached by the government and asked.... Well they didn't ask us, they more or less threatened us to help them to steal the king of Spain's royal crown .Which is the thing in my bag right now.

It was either that, or our heads on a silver platter. Since me and Will are more or less interested on keeping our heads securely on our shoulders we helped them. From what I've heard about the Spanish ways of dealing with thieves, I wondered if that would be a less painful way to go. But with at least 20 of the Spanish royal guards hot on our heels it was a bit too late for that.

"Night Market ahead" whispered Will pulling me into a bustling crowd of people; the night market was filled with lights and loud sounds, each vendor screaming at passing people to buy their goods. Two guards stopped where we had been minutes ago. We kept our heads low, making sure there was a constant wall of people between them and us. They began walking in our direction, now I could see one had a scar running down his cheek while the other had a tattoo on his arm. The closer they get the harder my heart slammed into my rib cage. The guards edged closer 50 meters...40...30


Demarco smiled, making the scar running down his face curve up. He motioned for Draco to follow. He had served in the Spanish army for 10 years, during that time more than hundreds of enemies had been killed or tortured by him. His last victim had been sent back to his family in a cardboard box, with the only feature recognizable being his head. A look of pure fear had been his last expression before he died.

He had a clear shot of one of the Dutch thieves; slowly he reached into his jacket silently bringing his Spanish made mahogany flintlock up, still hidden from sight by his jacket. He wasn't aiming for their head; instead he was aiming for their lower section of the thief's back. A single musket ball to the spinal cord just above his waist and there would be no running. His finger curled around the trigger. Something flew through the air missing him by inches, what was that? White hot pain exploded up his back, he never got a chance to find out what happened before a raging inferno took him like the wrath of God on a sinner.


The crowd around Scar face screamed and ran in all directions. I couldn't blame them, scar face or at least what was left of him was lying charred and burned to death on the cobble street. Both of us had thrown two bottles, each with very strong alcohol at a fire pit used for a juggling act near him .The minute the bottle had hit the flames he was a dead man, his friend didn't look too healthy either .Apart from them there wasn't too many casualties but we burned down an egg store .I reckon between me and Will had cooked a pretty big omlette.

"Why do these buggers always travel in packs?"I moaned as more guards



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