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E-Reflective Report 1

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E-reflective Report 1


During the seminar, our class had formed a team of four, based on the criteria that there's mix of student and gender balance in each team. I am expecting that there's no free rider in my group and we all can work well together.


Works in a group can produce better solutions to problem (Fogler and LeBlanc 2010). Before joining the groups, we were required to do a quiz that defines the roles of member within the groups. I am an achiever and I am satisfied with the result because the characteristics quite fit me. The team selection process was satisfactory because we are giving rights to choose to join which team so I join a team that I think that's best fit me.


The formation of team helps me to understand and aware of my roles that I am playing in a group. Thus, it also defined diversity because we are all come from different background and we all have different abilities, skills, and knowledge (William and McWilliam 2010).


To be the most successful team, I am planning to establish a creative team environment and getting ordinary people to reach beyond themselves. To get the most of it, I will try on to help my group members whenever they face any trouble.


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