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Report on Bae Systems

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BAE Systems has been dogged by corruption allegations and unethical weapon maker's practices in 2008. a report revealed the company did not pay attention to ethical standards in the past .it showed BAE illegally paid hundreds of millions of pounds in bribes to secure part of a £43bn arms deal between Britain and the Saudis in 2006. Another one, The al-Yamamah deal was signed in the 1980s, which is a long-running maintenance and training contracts. It involved BAE selling Tornado,Hawk jets, and other weapons. which have damaged its reputation and also drawn in the Government. The company just focused on the law, no ethical standards embedded. In order to repare its reputation, firstly, the company executive set up Serious Fraud Office and inquiry into BAE's multi-billion arms deals with Saudi Arabia. Secondary, the company published Woolf's which is a three year programme with implement 23 recommendations. it examine Bae business ethical principles and procedures. the company CSR Committee developed a series of programmes to monitor its business processes to ensure they meet the highest ethical standards.

Yet Serious Fraud office was set up,the Woolf report i However, One year after its commitment to enact, High Court's decision that the cancellation of the aims deal by the Serious Fraud office was illegal. BAE has implemented four of Woolf report's 23 recommendations. The entire process so far has cost the company £3m, including convening the committee that Woolf chaired.

Firstly, CSR needs to be embedded in BAE's culture, and make a change to actions, attitudes, and the support of the top team. HR could works at communicating and implementing ideas, policies, cultural and behavioural change across organizations. Secondly, HR could building credibility and trusting to their employer. this is important for employees when they work for CSR, such as internal communications, motivation, coaching and training. Its role in influencing attitudes and links with line managers and the top team mean it is ideally placed to do the same with CSR.

In addition, Internal process model is responsible for the company key systems and processes delivery effectively. it could be CSR integrated into BAE processes such as monitoring performance, and comparison standard using



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