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Econ 1050 - Organic Foods

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Essay Preview: Econ 1050 - Organic Foods

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Living a healthier life and resolving health issues has become very prevalent in our world. One factor that plays a huge role in consumers attitude towards large scale food production and health issues is the media. Whether it is social media, TV shows, movies, or ads, they all influence the way we live and want to live. There is a huge stigma of how people should look and feel now a day. It is very common for people to follow the things and ways of famous people. This is all over social media platforms and has always been a huge influence on people’s lives. Another great factor that a lot of people are influenced by is weight loss. Eating healthy is a huge factor in weight loss. Many people follow the 80/20 ratio in order to lose those extra pounds, but it is always important to know that you don’t need to hit an exact 80/20, but just to focus primarily on diet (Gomez, 2016). It is said that you will see results if you focus 80% on diet and 20% on exercise. Many people will follow different approaches when it comes to weight loss, diet, and working out. No approach is considered wrong and each approach results differently for each person

Organic foods are considered organic because they are grown and produced without using any harmful fertilizers or pesticides. Organic good has become very common in our local grocery stores, which is a big factor in consumer’s purchasing it. It is very easy to believe that if we buy something with a package label saying organic, then we can believe it is fully organic. However, this is not always the case. Everyone will have their own opinion on whether they think organic foods are beneficial and whether they are 100% truly organic. A test was done in Manitoba which stated that nearly half the fruits and vegetables that were tested across Canada in the past two years were found containing pesticide residue (Levasseur and Kubinec, 2014). Now, this may not be the case for everywhere, but it is always important to not believe what you see and to always do some deeper research into these types of inventions.

In my opinion, organic food will not solve people health problems. There are a lot more steps that are needed to be taken to fix people’s problems. Switching out junk food with organic food is a start but should not be the only approach taken. There is a lot more to fixing health issues, having a healthier life and losing weight than only eating organic foods. No two people will have the same opinion on organic foods. To make you think about this, take an apple for example, an apple no matter what is an apple. Whether it is organic or not, it still provides the healthy nutrients a person needs. If someone’s goal is to lose weight, filling up on lots of fruits and vegetables is constantly linked to weight loss, whether those fruits and vegetables are organic or not (Fetters, 2015). Organic food is always costlier than the inorganic food, but that does not mean that the inorganic food is unhealthy. If people are wanting their problems fixed, then starting out with a balanced diet, portion control, and exercising are great ways ways to start.



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