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Edgar Allen Poe: The Raven

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Essay Preview: Edgar Allen Poe: The Raven

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Edgar Allen Poe: The Raven

The poem '' The Raven '' was written by Egar Allen Poe in 1845. The poem is

written about a man who is in a chamber and a bird continuously vists him. During these vist the

man the bird began to engaging in conversations talking as though the bird was a human being.

But at first he thinks it someone at the door but it's the bird tapping at the window. Poes

childhood would have probably influened him to write this becuase his mother died and he had

to live in a orphanage. So I will be talking about the three primary descriptors of the tone of this

peom. And the three different tones of the poem are depression, lonliness, and hurt.

Poe wrote of the man mising the lady Lenore this man was probably suffering from depression becuase he was missing Lenore. Will missing Lenore he may have been talking to the bird imageing as if he were talking to Lenore by carring on a conversation with the bird to pass time. Poe must of written this poem because he lost his mom and he may have when he was young talked to a bird or some sort of animal and wrote about his experience in this poem. Becuase of him having to live in a ophanage at a young age not having a mother to talk to or have there with him. But he could have also suffered depression from some thing else like losing a friend or another family member that he was close to that wasn't ther anymore so he would talk to animal like abird as in this poem.

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Lonliness is another tone in this poem which was a reason this man may have been talking to the bird. He could've been talking to this bird to pass the time becuase of him being in a chamber stuck there all day. Poe may have written this poem becuase of the lonlinesss he faced in the orphanage that he was in while he was growing up. He probably had no one to talk to or play with sohe probably would talk to the animals to deal with his lonliness. He was probably lonely because he and his sibling were probably split up in the orphanage. Sometime he may have been lonly because he was mising his mother and he probably pictured that the bird was his mother and that he was having a conversation with her and not with a bird.



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