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Edgar Allen Poe

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Essay Preview: Edgar Allen Poe

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Edgar Allen Poe is one of the most interesting short story authors known to people. He also writes poems and tales, very talented writer, yet his most famous short story is "The Tell- Tale Heart". With the deep emotions he uses in his stories it keeps every on their toes that read them. Another deep story by him would be "The Pit and the Pendulum".

The story "The Tell- Tale Heart" is a short story about a crazy man who spies on an older gentleman while he sleeps because the elderly mans fake eye represents evil the other man believes. The elderly mans eye creeps out the deranged psycho, so much that the crazy guy believes he has to kill the elderly man. One night as the elderly man is sleeping the crazy man breaks into the house and comes inside the elderly mans room, as he lies asleep and watches the man until he wakes up and the crazy man sees the eye and freaks out and throws the bed over on top of the elderly man crushing him and killing him. The crazy man puts the deceased body under the floor of the apartment. After a while two police officers show up questioning the man, but all he says is that he is looking after the apartment while the elderly man was gone for a while. He almost fooled the too if it wouldn't have been for him going crazy from thinking he could hear the elderly mans heart still beating under the floor. He began to rip up the floor yelling in madness and confessing that he was the one that killed the elderly man.

The story "The Pit and the Pendulum" is a short story about a man who has become sick and deranged believing that he is going to die, describing it as a dungeon thinking he was being held hostage by evil creatures. Saying how he cant find his way out and at one point falls in a well of water thinking that it was the end for him and "death was nearing"(Poe). But then saw a light open like as a doorway through the water as to resemble life itself, but as soon as it was open it closed on him just as quickly. As he fought and struggled trying to find a way out it only seemed hopeless as he could not even tell what was around him from the pure darkness of the environment he was in. Thinking at times he could feel something against him that felt "damp and cold"(Poe) only to find out that there was nothing he could see or feel once he opened his eyes. At the end as he thought all was hopeless he suddenly found the walls of the dungeon to disappear and was grabbed by a person to find out it was his general from the war picking him up and saving him.

These two stories are similar in the way Edgar Allen Poe tells them through the pure madness of the gentlemen going crazy thinking all is doomed for them. Mr. Poe has an interesting way of telling his stories keeping you interested the whole way through with pure suspicion of what is going on. These two stories make you want to keep



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