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Edmund S. Morgan "jamestowm"

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Essay Preview: Edmund S. Morgan "jamestowm"

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By Edmund S. Morgan

In this article, Jamestown Fiasco by Edmund S. Morgan, he is giving the reader mistakes the first settlers into Jamestown, Virginia. Jamestown was named after the all mighty King James. Edmund tells the reader how the Colony invaded the Indian's land and tortured them. Another key mistake was the variety of people who settled in Virginia. The colony moved to Jamestown, Virginia to find gold but instead of worrying about gold they should of worried stabilizing where they lived. The settlers were unable to produce their own corn and relied on the Indians for food. These mistakes caused server suffering among the Colony for ten years. Instead of the colony invading the nice, Indian land, they should have made an agreement of what part they could settle in because now they Colony's are suffering of hunger now that the Indians could have help.

The Colony found land, established a fort, and called it Jamestown. The Englishmen judged the Indians as salvages and despised them for living off the land with ease. Local Indian villages spoke of a chief named Powhatan who ruled the area above Jamestown. Powhatan disagreed with the Colony taking over the land and created many attacks on the fort. The attacks may have caused settlers unable to produce corn and depended heavily on other Indians for food. Upset by the idea, Captain James Davis sent men to Indian villages to kill, destroy, and burn their corn fields. The settlers had not only caused more trouble but also destroyed corn for themselves. They took over land and expected the Indians to be peaceful towards them.

The English Colony was mostly rich gentlemen, who came to make riches off the land. The first settlers had a few laborers who tried to harvest, but not enough to keep up with the demand of food. The King appointed councilors and put their names in a box to be opened upon the arrival of land. The gentlemen were sent for knowledge and others paid their way. The gentlemen settlers did not want to work hard and instead socialized among themselves. They sent for craftsman but the craftsman found themselves without work. They had a hard time finding supplies for the craftsman such as steel, gold, and glass. The craftsman did not want to work hard either. The majority of the Colony was people who did not want to work.



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