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Ms. Morgan

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This book made me really frustrated and let down, I agree although Ms. Morgan had a big imagination but it's hard for me to grasp it as real and truthful as she says it is. She claimed that what she was writing was insistently not fiction. In fact, she claimed to be the selected spokesperson for Australian Aboriginals, which in later days says to be now fictional. The thing I did love about the book was her writing style and the thrilling tale she tells.

In 1985, at age 50 she traveled in a short amount of time to Australia and said to have discovered a microscopic practice with blood tests. Except last semester where I have taken many classes with explaining alternative medicine, nowhere have I ever found or heard of this type of practice. Ms. Morgan was taken on a forced walkabout through the deserts of Australia, which would be kidnap or some kind of abduction, I would think that she would know better from studying them all these years. When she leaves her hotel and goes off in a Jeep into the Outback I didn't expect her to give up everything right there and then without any questions. She gave up her credit cards, clothing, phone, and all of what makes her herself she had to give away. If that were myself, I wouldn't let that happen without some kind of reinsurance that I was going to get them back.

The lies and untruth tails she writes in this book boggle my mind to think that this lady must be crazy, I cant happen to think that this book and all her visions are completely made up. I decided to take it upon myself to research some reviews on her biography and if people think her tails are true or not. (Cath Ellis. Australian Literary Studies.) Says that in the same year 1985, Morgan had and unpaid position in Brisbane as a pharmacist for 4 months then left the Country. Now does this mean that no one knows where she was after that and this is when she got abducted? Or perhaps she made it up, because there is no way she could have been in both places at once. I also found out that in later years after her book came out she was charged with racism and gross misrepresentation of Aboriginal culture. True or untrue, and finally The Dumbartung Aboriginal Organisation stated that it was deeply offensive to Aboriginal people for a white woman to be misrepresenting Aboriginal culture for self-promotion and profit. I slightyly agree with this, I mean we are America and it's a tough completion out there, but I do agree, that she doesn't have a right to make stories up and call it everything a true story.

There were multiple questions that I had from this book but lets take it as the book was fictional, I would say that that book is a brilliant way to tell aboriginal Australian legend. She traveled around for so many years passing through with 62 aborigines, now how was their communal healing knowledge put into performance in the case of the injuries continued by Great Stone Hunter? That's like communicating



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