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Education Never Ends

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Education Never Ends

People that were born back in the early 1900's may believe that education ends for a person because they were limited to it. Others may believe that education continues for a lifetime one's education should end, only if such a destination is chosen. Anyone that wants an education can receive it no matter what turbulence one may face. There are so many famous people who were told that they were stupid and would never be anything. Oprah Winfrey is a perfect example. Oprah had a very hard life growing up. She was called ugly and stupid, among many other things; now she is one of the highest paid people in the world. Education is limited in a person's life only if they want it to be.

There are many people who have been through obstacles throughout their lifetime and still managed to be successful; even people who are in prison manage to receive an education. People with disabilities also manage to receive an education even though many of them do not complete high school. "According to the National Organization on Disability, 83% of the people with slight disabilities are likely to complete high school and 16% are more likely to complete college. This proves that anybody can receive an education. If 83% of people with slight disabilities can complete high school, then at least one person who does not have any handicaps at all can complete high school and also graduate college" (education levels).

Education is very expensive, especially if a person does not have scholarships or anyone to help them, but that is not a reason for a person's education to end. "According to Adolph Reed Jr., current tuition and fees for all students now enrolled full and part time in public two and four year colleges and universities total a little more than $30 billion" (Free Higher). There are several ways to receive funding for education. Scholarships and financial aid are the number one source of funding that does not have to be paid back. Reimbursed loans are another great source. Loans do have to be paid back, but the loaner gives the borrower enough time to pay the loan back. Some loaners give the borrower 10 years after the time they graduate college to get the loan paid back. That is very helpful. A person would have to be careful and not just borrow money because it is available to them.

People do not have to go throughout their whole life believing that they need to read a book, or go to school. If a person has some education, that is better than no education. People do not have to go to school to learn. Sitting at home with an individual who has been through high school and college can teach a person who has the education level of only a high school student. Television shows can also enhance a person's knowledge. There are so many challenging game shows on television these days that a person can learn things that they never learned in high school or college for example Dora the Explorer, Go Diego go, Wow Wow Wubbzy, Jack's Big Music Show, Wonder Pets, Lazy Town, and Pinky Dinky Doo. "This show allows children to play along by responding to the characters and "helping" them figure out what to do and where to go. It also helps by teaching counting, colors, and ordering (what comes first). The show helps with language also as many things are said in English and Spanish" (Great learning).

Older people that were born back in the early days may say that their education ended and they could do nothing about it. Look at Mama from "Everyday Use" for example. Her school was closed down when she was only in second grade. Of course back in those times a second grader could do



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