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Education in China and America

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Essay Preview: Education in China and America

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No matter in which country you are,no matter you are an adult or a child. Usually every person eats at least three times per day. The parents usually educate their children at meal time three times every day. Therefore, the parents' behaviors are important to their children. The parent's behaviors are influence children more than school. Adults, when eating with their kids, are constantly tending to the ideological education of the children. The parents should not neglect that.

I have been in America for four years. I have visited a few traditional America familes as well as Chinese families in America. I have eaten with their children. I have observed there are differences at mealtime conversations between American children to their parents from the Chinese families. Through these details of eating education, people can learn Chinese culture and education gap with American.

Chinese attach importance to eating. The old saying in China is "people regard food as their prime want; food is the necessity of human." Chinese parents worry about their children health, especially concernions meals. First, they just want their children to eat more, and the more the kids eat happier their parents will be. However, the parents don't care about whether or not their children like it, or if their feel full. The parents coax their children to eat more. Moreover, when children don't want to eat and go play, their grandparents go after the children to feed them.

American parents are concerned with their children's eating habits, but they are not as good as Chinese parents. I have never seen American parents always feed their children. They let their children eat by themselves, and do not care if their clothes are going to be dirty. American parents do not force their children for eating. They know vegetables are good for their children's health. They ask their kids to eat, but if their kids insist on not eating, their parents will not force them to. They do not care much about whether or not their kids are full. I have never seen an American family that when their children are full, the parents coax their children into eating more. The kids just put the silverware down and leave the dining table.

American parents' attitudes and the way of their kids eating reflect a core objective of children education in the United States. That is, the parents train their children's ability of independent thinking. The kids can decide which food they like and do not like, or make sure they are hungry or full. Because the kid is fond of playing, he or she misses time for eating. He or she will bear the consequences by themselves that he or she will be hungry. That is their own choice. When the kids really feel hungry, they will not repeat doing that. Americans like to say that making mistakes is an essential process when the kids grow up. The basis of this concept is that American parents think that they are equal to their children. They respect their kids' thinking, even though the thinking is insignificant. American parents think



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