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Effective Communication - Walmart

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Essay Preview: Effective Communication - Walmart

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The Walmart Vision center gets great sales throughout the year and they also offer free warranty which is something you can not get at your local doctors office. There have recently been a lot of complaints about their warranty and how it is worded to each patient that buys a full set of glasses from them. I work in my local Walmart vision center and decided to have a discussion about the issue with my manager to get her thoughts on it because we have had a lot of patients come in lately telling us another vision center worker told them something else.

I believe there should be a certain dialog that each vision center worker should give when it comes to the warranty for every pair of glasses sold. Every worker has their own way of selling,but they should have the same dialog when it comes to what is covered, that way when a customer comes in to the vision center they will get the same description of warranty no matter what Walmart vision center they visit. This will not only help the customer better understand exactly what is covered in their warranty, but it will also better the communication with the warranty from worker to customer and help cut down costs on remakes.

The recent concern with the warranty to customers is that no matter what their lenses will be covered even with the tiniest scratch on the lens. I believe that workers need to be specific when it comes to exactly what kind of scratches are covered and they should tell the patient this as they are paying for their glasses and when they pick their glasses up. This insures that the customer was very informed and they will not bring their glasses in with minor scratches and cause a fit when the worker tells them the problem can not be fixed. Although, at times it is easier to give the customer what they want because that is always better than losing service. But insuring that they were told about the warranty clearly is a good thing, so maybe also having the customer sign a paper insuring that they were read the details about their warranty will promise that they understand the warranty.

This will help when or if the customer comes in to complain about a minor scratch needing to be fixed, they will not be able to say that the worker did not explain the warranty to them clearly. Knowing the warranty has changed since the beginning of 2011, we should go ahead and extend the warranty to people that bought their glasses last year, but make it a year from the date they got their glasses. This is fair because the new warranty has the same promise to cover glasses for a year. I also believe that if they are still within their year that there lenses still be covered as well unless, of course if its regular wear and tear such as hair scratches in the lens that are very hard to see.

When every Walmart owned vision center is given dialogue to follow this will insure that every single customer is given the same dialogue and they



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