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Effective Communication in Business Meetings

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Essay Preview: Effective Communication in Business Meetings

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A person will be successful entrepreneur when she or he gains the sympathy of customers. An effective manager is a person who listen employees and be heard by staff. Effective communication skills are indispensable to the site a success. In the study, student must work hard homework. At work, people need to have good technical knowledge to do well their jobs. In life, many people want to be loved. However, if there are no effective communication skills, how a student can present questions with the teacher, how people present their creative work, we know how to capture people's emotion? Effective communication skills are really the most important pieces of painting's success all our life. And in the competitive economic, effective communication is necessary more than ever. Any business plans also spend many negotiating processes to get agreements. And effective communication is an important part to get success, sometimes this proportion is nearly 80%. So, many business people need to learn and practice more effective communication in business meetings. And this is my essay topic "Effective Communication in Business Meetings"

We also know that communication is one of the most important skills in business meeting. And before we learn how communication is effective, we should find out the definition of communication to understand it clearly. Dwyer (2005) stated "Communication is any behavior, verbal or nonverbal, that is perceived by another. Knowledge, feelings or thoughts are encoded and sent from at least one person and received and decoded by another. Meaning is given to this message as the receiver interprets the message. A connection is made between the people communicating." (p.4).

From past to present, the great soldiers always have military strategy to win enemies each company also has private strategy to develop the business. Effective communication in business meetings is too. If we desire to get effective communication in business meetings, you should develop an effective business communication strategy in business meetings. But meeting is one of the parts of business activities. So, we develop an effective business communication strategy, certainly we are good at in business meeting. According to Neal (2010) there are three main points of developing an effective business communication strategy: meeting personal need, establish professional credibility and be persuasive. Among people's basic need are to: be secure, win and be accepted. Security often plays a critical role not only in life but also in business decision. In meetings, we know clearly the survival issue of partner, it take easy for us to negotiate. For example of Neal (2010), the records program will help company to be protected against superfund claims. The need to win is also important to consider in communication. One way to accomplish this is give others more than they expect.



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