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Effects of Religion

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Essay Preview: Effects of Religion

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Effects of Religion

Sara Kreuger


October 20, 2011

The effects that organized religion has had on society would be for example Charisma is a religion in where the followers feel their teachers have supernatural powers which in turn, can be very bad because the teachers can have the followers believe in something and can teach them or make them think that something that is very bad is actually good (Fisher, 2005).

Buddhism is religion that is based on meditation and emphasis of personal spiritual development. In Buddhism everyone is equal but at the same time other spiritual groups do not like Buddhism and feel it is not a real religion (Fisher, 2005).

The effect of organized religion is war and groups formed like KKK that create war against other races. Other examples would be hate crimes, like people being beat up because they are gay or their race. Organized religions can teach good things and can also teach bad things. Bad things to teach would be saying that being gay is wrong or being a different race other than white is wrong.


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