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Essay on Different Religions

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In my essay, I am will be talking about a couple of different types of religions. The types of religions I will be talking about are Catholic, Christian and Muslim. Between the three religions, I will be comparing and contrasting with the facts I have collected through research. There are similarities between the three but there are also many differences. Here are some facts that I have found regarding the three religions.

In the Catholic religion, they pray to saints and they confess to priests. The Catholic bibles have extra books and they have their own interpretation of the bible. They believe that Christ's authority have been passed from Christ to the apostles, to their successors, our modern day bishops and the Pope. They believe Sacraments are rituals and events through which God gives us grace, for example Baptism, Holy Eucharist, Reconciliation, Confirmation, and anointing the sick. Catholics are supposed to receive Sacrament of Reconciliation once a year. They are to receive Holy Communion once a year between Lent and Trinity Sunday. They also observe the fasting days, and contribute 10% to the Church. They believe that Jesus is the son of God and the Virgin Mary.

Christians believe that you pray directly to God and Jesus and that it is a sin to pray to anyone else. They also believe in God's grace through good works and confession. They believe the bible is as written with no extras. You are born again by simply asking God to come into your life and confessing your sins to him directly. They also believe you should contribute 10% of your earnings to the church as it says in the bible. The religion is very simple; you do as God has instructed in the bible and you pray directly and put no idols before him. They also believe that Jesus is the son of God.

The Muslim religion is different in many ways; they call God Allah, which is Arabic for God. They believe knowledge was transmitted to Muhammad and other prophets. They call their bible the Quran, and they believe the Quran is the flawless word of God. They pray 5 times a day, which they call Salat. They fast during Ramadan from dusk to dawn. They believe parts of the bible have been misinterpreted, or distorted by their followers. They believe that Jesus was not the son of God but a prophet and that Jesus did not rise again, but escaped and then later reappeared. They also believe you are supposed to give 2.5% of your earnings to the church. They believe God appointed two classes of human servants, messengers and prophets.

In doing my research I have found some similarities and many differences in the Catholic, Christian and Muslim religions. I have found that only one thing stayed the same in all three religions and that was that God is actually God. Although I have found it very interesting, the way different religions have many different beliefs.



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