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Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal

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Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal

The use of collaborative software can make a world of difference when communicating with people from different offices in different states. My suggestion to improve the sales departments communication and streamline the work processes is to develop a teleconference between all of the sales departments in all of the states that the company is located in to be able to all be on the same page with one another. This will improve upon the communication gap that may be hindering the company from creating new business as a result of the sales departments not being in the same place all at once. A webinar can be created so everyone can dial into the conference plus be able to view the presentation that the sales department manager uses to pump up the sales within the department. Webinars are a good way for everyone to see the progress they are making in bringing in and keeping new and old businesses. Without these collaborative software tools available to the sales department they may be in the dark as to how their performance is doing on paper. A salesman will always know if they are doing good or bad but if you actually see all of the sales figures in writing you may not know what areas in your department could be improved upon.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Access in the Workplace

Microsoft Access allows the user to manipulate small or large amounts of data that is easy for small businesses to corporate offices to use. Tables are used to store the data and queries can be performed to pull specific data as needed, as well as reports, forms and macros. The information can be exported to other programs or imported from other programs. This can be an advantage for companies that have a central software program where they store most of their information but are unable to manipulate the information as needed. Most of the commands are the same commands used in Microsoft office and are user friendly. The databases created in Access can also be utilized in multi-user environments, which is helpful for offices with more than one location. Database wizards are also available to help the user set up the database in a matter of minutes. Currently our company uses the Microsoft Excel to track this type of information. Next One will show useful reasons for converting to Microsoft Access.

Converting to Microsoft Access

There are several useful reasons for converting data that is currently stored in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into a relational database by using Microsoft Access. One will cover two important reasons why our company should convert. They are viewing purposes and tracking personal information more efficiently. It is challenging to view a large amount of data on an excel sheet when there is multiple clients or companies consisting of large blocks of information. The sheet



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