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Egsl1100 English Use in China

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English use in China


English use in China


English is an international and global language all over the world in nowadays. English has become a bridge between China and other countries to communication, trade and learning with each other. In this essay, I will try to research some issues with particular reference to the situation of English use in China and some of negative parts in Chinese people use English language today.


There call is no doubt that English is one of the world’s most widely used language. People use English is often necessary for official business, education, information and other activities in many countries; it is one of the few “working” languages of the United Nations. According to article “English in China today”, Bolton, Kingsley and Graddol, David report that there are around 400 million people who are learning English in China in 2010, approximately one third of China's population. (para.1). We can see that even English is not a language for Chinese people to speak with Americans, the British or any other native speakers, but they also feel English is very significant for them to learn it. As Shaobin, J. in article “English as a global language in China” report, English as a global language in China. In the past of 50 years, the development of English is remarkable in the world, especially in China. English language has become an international language means for multinational and multicultural communication. (para.2). English is can be the most successful language in the history of the world.

English is the only international standard language. China has developed rapidly in recent years. Now he is towards to the global level. Being the unique communication way, English is of great concern. Of course, the importance of English can be shows in many different parts in China, such as business, education and people’s daily life. With the globalization of world economy and China's entry into WTO, English is playing more and more important role in our life. Nowadays,with the prevalence of learning English in Chinese school, more and more people realize the importance of English. Furthermore, due to the development of our society, there are more and more foreigners in China. Especially in some big cities, there are so many foreign people around us. They may be our workmates, classmates, neighbors, friends and so on. However, with the increased popularization of English, there is also followed by many of negative parts in this process. For example, excessive stress of learning English may causes students feel weary of studying. As English become common in China, there are numerous errors in the Chinese translation; we can find errors in menus, advertisements, guideposts and signs. Chinglish is become popular in Chinese people and it has difference with Standard English. So, English also has two different sides in China.


In china-a nation with a long history, traditional culture has a huge impact on people’s mentality. Centuries ago, some missionaries come into China, while they promulgating the Christianity, English were also publicized in China. For early Chinese rulers, to assert its dominance, they ban religious practice in their land. In the middle of the 19th century, with the developing of marine technology, English gradually move into China. Before the Sino-British Opium War happened 1839s, China was a self-sufficient feudal empire. And it did the closed-door policy. After the Opium War, lots of English-speaking businessmen come into china’s market. Lots of ordinary people get to know English.

After the establishment of new China in 1949, China and the western English-speaking countries have increasingly closer relationship. With the developing of foreign trade, more and more Sino-foreign joint ventures join in Chinese market. In order to be in accordance with the development of the society and economic, more and more people begin to study English. According to article “English as a Global Language in China”, the author Ji Shaobin stated that “In 1950s, during that time, English was condemned as unpatriotic because of national campaign against



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