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My English Paper - Testing Levels

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As an technology analyst, firstly I would need to meet with the customer and analyze, understand what they need for a project. Then, I need to analyze which requirements are realizable which are not. I should find alternative ways for not realizable ones. After reach a conclusion with customer about the project, analyst report that information to developer teams. If there are any problems in developing side, again analyst need to be at work. Also, end user tests are all done in control of an analyst too. Actually, shortly the main mission of a technology analyst is to provide communication of customer and developers in same language.

Testing Levels

The testing for the Reassigned Sales project will consist of Unit, System/Integration (combined) and Acceptance test levels. It is hoped that there will be at least one full time independent test person for system/integration testing. However, with the budget constraints and time line established; most testing will be done by the test manager with the development teams participation.

UNIT Testing will be done by the developer and will be approved by the development team leader. Proof of unit testing (test case list, sample output, data printouts, defect information) must be provided by the programmer to the team leader before unit testing will be accepted and passed on to the test person. All unit test information will also be provided to the test person.

SYSTEM/INTEGRATION Testing will be performed by the test manager and development team leader with assistance from the individual developers as required. No specific test tools are available for this project. Programs will enter into System/Integration test after all critical defects have been corrected. A program may have up to two Major defects as long as they do not impede testing of the program (I.E. there is a work around for the error).

ACCEPTANCE Testing will be performed by the actual end users with the assistance of the test manager and development team leader. The acceptance test will be done in parallel with the existing manual ZIP/FAX process for a period of one month after completion of the System/Integration test process.

Programs will enter into Acceptance test after all critical and major defects have been corrected. A program may have one major defect as long as it does not impede testing of the program (I.E. there is a work around for the error). Prior to final completion of acceptance testing all open critical and major defects MUST be corrected and verified by the Customer test representative.

A limited number of distributors will participate in the initial acceptance test process. Once acceptance test is complete, distributors will be added as their ability to generate the required EDI data is verified and checked against their FAX/ZIP data. As such, some distributors will be in actual production and some in parallel testing at the same time.



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