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Emily Dickinson

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Essay Preview: Emily Dickinson

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Emily Dickinson was an excellent poet. She wrote many great poems that were published after her death. She spent most of her life in her house, afraid to go out and experience the world. Many people did not know how great of a poet she was until after her death and maybe wondered if she even knew herself how great of a poet she was. Many people just believed she knew she was a great writer but what if she was too self conscience to let anyone look at her work. Many of her poems were difficult to comprehend but in some of them you could understand what she was talking about. In poem "260" she talks about being nobody as if she wants to be invisible from the world. The way she lived her life, it makes you think maybe she really did want to be invisible. Maybe she wanted to left alone in the darkness of her room where nobody could criticize her or her work.

Poems "340" and "1773" seem connected because she talks about death in both of them. In poem "340" she talks about a funeral as if she had just lost someone very close to her. She also talks about a service and being mournful of the person she had just lost. In poem "1773" she talks about the deaths she had lost throughout her life time. Dickinson seems very heartbroken over the people she has lost and maybe wishes she too were with them in their journey to heaven. A lot of her poems are about death or pain, something that she has gone through in her life time. And it makes you wonder if Dickinson was just a very sad and heartbroken woman who couldn't take the pain of losing someone close to her. And that also might be the reason why she wanted to be alone most of her life.

Overall, you could say that Dickinson liked to be left alone away from society because she was afraid to let anyone get too close to her, scared they would leave her one day. She seems like one of those people who would rather stay at home rarely taking a step outside than going to a party every night seldom coming home. Even though she was sad and in pain and kind of a loner, her poems were more than great. Dickinson was an exceptional poet and writer and is still known to people of many generations.



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