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Ender's Game

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So what is "Ender's Game"? "Ender's Game" is a science fiction novel by Orson Scott Card. It takes place in a possible future where technology is great, but life isn't as. Aliens, known as buggers, are trying to take over the planet. This isn't the first time we've been attacked though. In fact it's not even the second. A third invasion is weighing heavily on the minds of government authorities and other important people that help run the world. The government advises a plan to train young men to grow up and destyoy the Aleins for good. Thought they have made many abortive efforts time runs short. Andrew Wiggins, also know as Ender, is their last chance. So can he really do it? Can Ender possibly be able to defeat armies and armies of alien buggers.

Before it all begins you must know that Andrews's life is anything but perfect. He excels above other students in school at basically every topic and is truly a genius of geniuses. But for being so younger and talented he is also hated and envied by many other students. Not to mention that Andrew is born a third. In the future there is laws of allowing only two children in a family. The law is to help prevent population overcrowding. Ender's brothers and sisters were also very intelligent but didn't have the characteristics to be chosen to fight the buggers. The law gave Ender's parent special permission to have a third born. Being born a third Ender is looked down upon and treated not as a human but as an animal, an outsider, and an alien.

Then we have Enders family. Peter is Ender's older brother. He is also very jealous of Ender. Peter bothers him so constantly that Ender rarely gets a moment of peace. But regardless of all the times Peter has hurt Ender and threatened to take Ender's life, Peter truly does love Ender. His malcontent and aggression is clearly out of insecurity. Although Ender's parents love him deeply they do not see his mistreatment. Ender's blissful personality (in front of his parents) belied a stressed out tortured little 6 year old. The only person who helps Ender get through his tough times is his affectionate sister Valentine. Valentine is the only person who sticks up for Ender and truly loves him and takes care of him like a family should.

Ender goes back to Battle School knowing he can't visit his family until he's about 12 years old. Ender spends his years in isolation and makes a` few friends. Among them are Alai, Petra, Bean, and Dink. When he finally gets to command his own army in the school all of his soldiers are untrained and vulnerable. Ender whips them into shape and becomes the leading army. The "teachers" try to push him hard and set up the battles so the odds are way against them, but Ender prevails and beats them again over and over. He wins until he is sick of the game and tired of the competition. Only then do they finally send him to Command School indoing so skipping many years of pre-Command School.

At command school Ender trains in a simulator and fights visual images of buggers and their ships. Then one day Ender awake up to find an odd man in front of him. The man is none other then Mazer Rackham. Though, the 2nd invasions were many years ago and Mazer would have been an old man. The situation was that they make Mazer fly in a space ship at a relativistic speed and then much time could pass him by while Mazer only aged a bit. Mazer trains Ender to fight and understand the buggers better. And they even flew some of his old battle school companions up to command school to train with him. Then the day came when Ender was given his final test.

Ender's army of squadron leaders and ships fly up to the bugger planet and are surrounded by bugger ships. The buggers out number them a thousand to one and Ender can't see a way past them. He wasn't in such a great mood so he wasn't going trying his best. The weapon he uses to fight them is called a Dr. Device. Ender



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