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Why Gaming - Games Are Fascinating

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Games are fascinating. They are dream of a kid, fantasy of a teenager, some serious hobby/

competition for the young and fun quotient for the professionals. I have started my gaming

when I was in standard 6, i.e. when I was a 12 years old kid. Initially this was an instrument to

spend the long boring summer vacations. I had one 8 bit gaming console and a 16 bit gaming

console, and a lot of game cartridges ( games including: Contra force, Super contra; Double

team; Tekken; Mario Brothers; Donkey Kong; Packman; Tennis 3; Super F1 Grand Prix; Karate

Kid etc). Then I started to exchange those cartridges with my friends (though at that time very

few people were interested into gaming). From that time onwards, I have always dreamt about

working with the gaming industry.

Later, after finishing my 10+2 exam, I had applied for gaming course in Full Sail; but due to

financial problem I couldn't get into this school (The course fee was INR 23 lakhs; and the

year was 1999). Then after my engineering in Electronics & Communication and my MBA in

Marketing and It & System management, I was still very hungry about gaming. Till date, I am

not able to keep my hands from all the latest games that hit the shelves. For the love of gaming, I

have upgraded my PC at least 4 times (but it still requires more graphics power, and a little bit of

over clocking). Each and every day I do check the website, for latest news from gaming industry,

for new games.

Earlier, I had also taken part into various gaming competition, the most memorable one was in

2002, when I got the second position in Unreal Tournament 2003. It was conducted by Reliance

web world at Kolkata. Now the time doesn't permit me to compete with fellow gamers, but

till date I can be a very good competitor in First Person Shooting. In my own group of friends

(fraternity) I am a guide to them. People do ask me about new games, what to purchase and the

price for that. In one of my earlier organization, the VP of training was very much interested in

Simulation based training for the mid management, and I sat with him



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