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Enders Game

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Journal # 3

My first days in battle school were not easy. I didn't know what to do at all or what I was doing here. All of a sudden I walk into the room, to which I assigned. Everybody started saying stuff because of they i was presented to them by Colonel Graff. All he said was that one day i would be a commander and so everyone laughed, so I was lost in everything they said. This boy Bernard was starting drama, with Ender becuase he was smart. the boy next to him would just say weird things and cal him names like fat eater or super brain. Ender got really mad so he got him good with comebacks. Ender cried and I felt bad, but Ender got on strong and got the boy by the wrist and pulled him down by the arm hard to the floor. The way Bernard treated him was so bad and Ender got tired of it. For all the stuff Bernard did to him he found a way to get him back once he actually got to know him. Bernarrd would call him worm and would say" Because he's so small and because he wriggles." The way he moved his butt when he walked. To get back at him Ender got his desk and I just stood there watching as the whole thing happens. What he did was hacked the computer and made his own security system which nobody can know about. He made his own identity named God and sent a message to Everyone saying "Cover your butt.Bernard is watching" With that he got really mad. I was just so happy seeing that becuase he deserved it for the way he treated Ender. I knew all along it was him while everyone was going crazy trying to find out who it was.



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