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Ending Childhood Obesity

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Essay Preview: Ending Childhood Obesity

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In today's day there are many obese children walking around. Since children are generally active and energetic this epidemic is somewhat confusing. Anywhere you go you see children given unhealthy snacks by their parents which contributes to the issue. The overweight size of children is starting to increase worldwide but not much is being done to fix the problem.

The issue of obese children is seen all around the world. Given many unhealthy and fattening snacks by parents is one factor to why child obesity is about. This problem has been around for almost forever and by the looks of it, is not going away any time soon. Of course there are many factors to control child obesity, like being active and eating healthy to control the dilemma. Unfortunately though, schools don't stress the need of physical education is schools and parents don't focus on feeding their children healthily. If there isn't something done about the increase of childhood obesity, and soon, then the issue will definitely only get worse.

The purpose of my proposal is to state solution of how to reduce childhood obesity before the statistics of overweight child increase more. The objective of me proposing these solutions is to open the eyes of parents and K-12 school principals of how badly we should take this epidemic of childhood obesity and how it needs to come to an end. I will focus on appealing to my audience's values and beliefs by offering a number of facts and statistics. Confidently, after seeing all the shocking evidence from my research it will convince them enough to take a stand

on the issue. In addition to parents and school principals, I want to also focus on presenting the issue to those of who it applies to (the children/teens). Doing so may intensely impact them after being informed on all of which dangers they are putting themselves through and how they may affect the future generation. Informing them on then changes they could participate in may very much so inspire a big change.

Intentionally, this proposal will look at the main factors contributing to childhood obesity, the several affects that being overweight has on adolescents, and how everyone can participate in the reduction of childhood obesity and how to prevent the increase of childhood obesity.

To this point I have done a great deal of research on why childhood obesity is so abundant and why it is increasing. According to the research I found that for one, the amount of unhealthy, fatty, and sugar treats for children are increasingly numerously while the physical activity of kids is decreasing. Also, parents are not playing their part in providing their children with a healthy diet. To add, schools are no longer taking the need for physical education seriously and more video games and toys are coming out which leaves no space for children to get out and be active. Lastly, there are results that not all physical activities are beneficial



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